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{ A Look into Our Different Varieties }

Our farm is home to self grown Lavender plants in seven different varieties. All of our varieties are English Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), including the two hybrid varieties Grosso and Phenomenal. Lavender is great for promoting the bee population, butterfly attraction and mosquito deterrence. Learn more about our varieties and why we chose to grow them below. 

Lavender Mini Blue

This Lavender is a shorter variety  which produces stocky stems and thicker blooms. It grows to be about 10-12” tall and typically has a span of 12"-14". The fragrant blooms make this our preferred pant for fresh arrangements and sachets. Bloom time for Lavender Mini Blue is late spring to mid summer.

Lavender Hidcote

This variety can grow up to 20" with its deep purple flowers and silver grey foliage. It is relatively compact in growth compare to its height, having a mature span of about 18". Hidcote is known to be more cold tolerant than other varieties and blooms mid to late summer. We will be using this variety for essential oil production, as it holds a higher oil content - perfect for soap making!

As one of our largest Lavenders, Grosso grows anywhere between 23"-35" in height and spread. It has the largest blooms of our varieties which are on average 6" long, and color from deep violet to white as they flower early to late summer. This variety is also a high producer in oil, and so it will be used for our essential oils. 

Lavender Grosso

Lavender Munstead

The cool-blue flowers of this variety is popular for use in the kitchen. It matures up to 16" tall and 24" wide. It commonly blooms in mid to late summer, but has been known to surprise you in late Spring. It has a high essential oil content which is what we will be using it for.

As one of the earliest blooming Lavenders to start in late Spring, Big Time Blue will bloom right through to late summer. Once it's in mature bloom, you can see it has larger flowers than many other Lavenders. The stems grow to be 12"-16" with deep purple-blue flowers. The grey-green foliage has a spread of 12"-18". We love to use this variety for our dried bouquets, but it's also a great option if you have culinary interests!

Lavender Big Time Blue

This deep blue variety is one that has three blooms a year in early, mid and late summer! Its height and spread stay about 16", which makes it ideal for our dried bouquets and arrangements. The buds stay a medium size and so we love to use them in our bath and wax products as well.

Lavender Vicenza Blue

This variety truly is "phenomenal". It is known for being the hardiest of the family, able to withstand both humidity and harsh winters. It grows 22"-24" tall and 24"-32" wide. Its purple blooms are comparable to Grosso at 5" long, making it a preferred choice for bouquets. It blooms mid summer to early fall. This variety also has a high oil content - perfect for our essential oils!

Lavender Phenomenal

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