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We're the Tibbo family,

and this is our dream.

In July of 2016, we purchased our dream farm home on a now 20 acre property in the beautiful countryside of Urbania, Nova Scotia. At this point we were expecting our first child, and imagining all the possibilities this farming property could bring our new family.  After many explorations into different ideas, we came to a decision to take on farming Lavender and producing essential oils and specialty products.

Why Lavender? We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the beautiful land of Nova Scotia. This dream bloomed from experience in the Horticulture industry, a passion for handcrafts and most importantly - family. As parents of toddlers Presley and Lincoln, we understand the importance of natural ingredients, and we look forward to sharing our dream with you.

Jessica & Robby


The farm was established as Homestead Lavender in Spring of 2017, beginning with a crop of 5000 Lavender plants in eight different varieties. We believe in providing you with an authentic experience of Canadian agriculture and so we are dedicated to providing locally grown, high quality Lavender plants and specialty products. To learn about our different varieties, please visit our "Lavender" page.

We are just getting started, so expect to see different products added over time at the farm store. We love to share the milestones and developments of our journey with you through our Facebook page and Instagram. Our different Lavender varieties and workshops are for everyone, and visiting our farm is easy; we are always close to home.

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